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How to get into top international B-school?

The first and foremost thing about getting into a B-school is you need to do your own research instead of relying on others recommendation and advice. You should visit universities website and extract as much information as you can in order to understand their prime requirements and what they are looking for in the candidate’s profile. You can also consult some overseas education services (Planet Education Bangalore) to understand more about top Universities.
 overseas education services
The next thing that you need to do is to set up a target for your GMAT score. The higher the GMAT score the better it will be for overseas study. But it is very uncertain to achieve a very good score because the paper may sometimes not work according to your planning, so always aim for a decent score so that you can focus on other aspects. Get in touch with overseas education services (Planet Education Bangalore) to know how you can start your basic preparation. You can study Kaplan, Princeton reviews and other related books to polish your skills or join some coaching classes that can help you prepare for the exam.

The overseas education services (Planet Education Bangalore) always describe the importance of MBA essays. Your MBA essay should be very impressive else you won’t be considered for further application process. Try to write a thoughtful essay that may showcase your potential and skills in the best possible way. Overseas education services (Planet Education Bangalore) describe that the first time you prepare an essay for overseas study it takes a lot of efforts and time but later to that you can always customize it and reuse it according to the institute you are applying for.

The overseas education services (Planet Education Bangalore) can always help you on how to frame and draft your essays that may look more presentable and are sure shot to get you through. Overseas study is not as simple as studying in your home country it requires a bit of extra efforts from your end. In case of interviews study your application very well and be aware of each and everything that you have mentioned in there.

If you contact any overseas education services (Planet Education Bangalore) then they always explain that the benchmark set for overseas studies is high and one need to cross that threshold to get into your dream B-school.




Real Time Expertise

We are a team of education counselors with experience of studying and working abroad. We believe this is the most important factor because our counseling is led by practical knowledge, understanding, and experience from being abroad.

Process Know How

Irrespective of the student’s choice of the country, course or institution, we are able to provide specific counseling based on the student’s interest and requirement.

University Engagement

We regularly host faculty from the various universities to meet and interact with students. This helps the student gain more information and clarity about their study choices.

In House Master Classes

Our master class sessions are regularly attended by a number of students. These sessions are designed to share information and possibilities that students could pursue. These sessions are open for all, interactive and an opportunity to learn – from counselors and other aspiring students.

Easy Access

Our centrally located office at Lavelle Road is open for students to walk-in and discusses their queries at any time with our education counselors.


  • Founded and managed by experts with more than a decade and a half of experience in international education and career consulting, Planet Education prides itself on giving quality assistance to its students.
  • We have successfully placed over 15,000 globally.

  • We represent over 300 institutions with a consistently growing portfolio across the world and ensure that students get unbiased advice on study options across the USA, Australia, UK, Canada, and New Zealand.
  • Our counselors are trained and certified to give advice that is compatible with the student’s long-term career aspirations.
  • Our trained teams of visa consultants have a very high visa success ratio.
  • Our central English training facility is a Gold IELTS partner of both the IDP and the British Council.
  • Our pre-departure workshops are handled by experts who prepare the students to make a smooth and confident transition to the country of their choice.
  • Our network of offices—spread across India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Australia—provide state of the art facilities and ensure streamlined assistance to students.
  • We are members of AAERI, ICEF, and PIER.

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