Study in Canada

Why should you be studying in Canada?

Canada is one of the most sought education destinations for international students. The kind of infrastructure and technology that Canadian Universities offer is far above excellence. They offer number of opportunities in terms of employment, research and many more graduation courses. In order to highlight some more facts about this country we have listed a few points so as to why this is considered the best among the rest:
study in canada
1.) Scholarships: This fact is not under the veil that foreign studies require a lot of financial investment. It is not so easy for everybody to get into the college of your choice as per the expenditure it demands. But if you plan to study in Canada then it becomes a bit simpler as the Canadian universities provide a number of scholarship programs for the foreign students.
2.) Affordable: If the comparison is to be made between the survival expenses and quality of life in Canada then it is seen that is much cheaper as compared to US and UK. In these terms to study in Canada is always a good option. It is also ranked as one of the best countries to live in by the United Nations organization.
3.) Visa Procedure: The citizen and immigration Canada made several changes in its student visa norms in 2014. Since then it has become quite easy for international students to study in Canada.
4.) Beautiful country: Canada is God’s own land with about 42 national landmarks and several world heritage sites. It has everything ranging from mountains, to serene and picturesque coastlines. You can explore a lot while you study in Canada and have the glimpses of the beautiful world around you.
5.) High Employment rate: The government of Canada pays special attention in retaining its students even after their graduation. As such they have number of employment opportunities. The Canadian universities have about 4000-5000 international collaborations agreements.
6.) Immigration laws: The best thing offered by this bilingual country is that international students can easily apply for permanent residency status without leaving the country.

Planet Education Bangalore provides you with the right guidance and facilitates your dream of studying in canada.




Real Time Expertise

We are a team of education counselors with experience of studying and working abroad. We believe this is the most important factor because our counseling is led by practical knowledge, understanding, and experience from being abroad.

Process Know How

Irrespective of the student’s choice of the country, course or institution, we are able to provide specific counseling based on the student’s interest and requirement.

University Engagement

We regularly host faculty from the various universities to meet and interact with students. This helps the student gain more information and clarity about their study choices.

In House Master Classes

Our master class sessions are regularly attended by a number of students. These sessions are designed to share information and possibilities that students could pursue. These sessions are open for all, interactive and an opportunity to learn – from counselors and other aspiring students.

Easy Access

Our centrally located office at Lavelle Road is open for students to walk-in and discusses their queries at any time with our education counselors.


  • Founded and managed by experts with more than a decade and a half of experience in international education and career consulting, Planet Education prides itself on giving quality assistance to its students.
  • We have successfully placed over 15,000 globally.

  • We represent over 300 institutions with a consistently growing portfolio across the world and ensure that students get unbiased advice on study options across the USA, Australia, UK, Canada, and New Zealand.
  • Our counselors are trained and certified to give advice that is compatible with the student’s long-term career aspirations.
  • Our trained teams of visa consultants have a very high visa success ratio.
  • Our central English training facility is a Gold IELTS partner of both the IDP and the British Council.
  • Our pre-departure workshops are handled by experts who prepare the students to make a smooth and confident transition to the country of their choice.
  • Our network of offices—spread across India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Australia—provide state of the art facilities and ensure streamlined assistance to students.
  • We are members of AAERI, ICEF, and PIER.

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