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What are benefits of studying in U.S.A?

When you plan to study abroad you should be well aware about everything inside and out. Abroad studies not only provide you degrees and knowledge but they also help you to evolve as a professional and a person. The entire experience of moving to a completely different place is both fascinating and intimidating at the same time.
study in USA
This article will focus on what are the basic benefits you get if you study in U.S.A for your higher studies that is one of the most famous and loved destination by Indian students

1.) Worldwide recognition: If you study in USA then you attain degrees that are extremely prestigious and are always held in high esteem and also recognized worldwide.

2.) Best facilities: U.S.A is technically sound and very much updated. They have the best-advanced infrastructure. Regardless, of the course if you study in USA you will be exposed to most modern technology and trends.

3.) Scholarship: U.S.A universities always welcome international talents and provide half to full funding scholarships. This helps the young talents to polish their skills on a much better scale and they are not devoid of any resources because of the financial constraints. This is one prime benefit if you want to study in USA.

4.) Travel: U.S.A has something for everybody. They have beautiful beaches, mountains, museums, galleries and a lot more. The exploration can never get boring while you are in U.S. You can always travel the country around and experience some of the most magnificent views while you study in USA.

5.) Multicultural: No country can better explain the meaning of multi culture than USA. Each year there are tons of people belonging to different ethnicity and nationalities coming to study in USA. It is always a pleasant experience to befriend people belonging to different backgrounds and culture.




Real Time Expertise

We are a team of education counselors with experience of studying and working abroad. We believe this is the most important factor because our counseling is led by practical knowledge, understanding, and experience from being abroad.

Process Know How

Irrespective of the student’s choice of the country, course or institution, we are able to provide specific counseling based on the student’s interest and requirement.

University Engagement

We regularly host faculty from the various universities to meet and interact with students. This helps the student gain more information and clarity about their study choices.

In House Master Classes

Our master class sessions are regularly attended by a number of students. These sessions are designed to share information and possibilities that students could pursue. These sessions are open for all, interactive and an opportunity to learn – from counselors and other aspiring students.

Easy Access

Our centrally located office at Lavelle Road is open for students to walk-in and discusses their queries at any time with our education counselors.


  • Founded and managed by experts with more than a decade and a half of experience in international education and career consulting, Planet Education prides itself on giving quality assistance to its students.
  • We have successfully placed over 15,000 globally.

  • We represent over 300 institutions with a consistently growing portfolio across the world and ensure that students get unbiased advice on study options across the USA, Australia, UK, Canada, and New Zealand.
  • Our counselors are trained and certified to give advice that is compatible with the student’s long-term career aspirations.
  • Our trained teams of visa consultants have a very high visa success ratio.
  • Our central English training facility is a Gold IELTS partner of both the IDP and the British Council.
  • Our pre-departure workshops are handled by experts who prepare the students to make a smooth and confident transition to the country of their choice.
  • Our network of offices—spread across India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Australia—provide state of the art facilities and ensure streamlined assistance to students.
  • We are members of AAERI, ICEF, and PIER.

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