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Australia is one of the most desired destinations for education among international students. Facts about Australian education are known to few. We’ve put together significant info about the Australian education portfolio that will help you know why you should consider studying in Australia.

Australia is a growing education destination

  • With over 1.2 million students, Australia is currently the third most popular destination for international students.
  • According to recent stats by the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicate $20.96 billion a year is brought in by international students.
  • Among the English-speaking countries, it follows USA and the UK in the number of international students that it attracts and accommodates.
  • Top universities are making efforts to increase the number of international student enrolments every year.
  • In the National Strategy for International Education 2025 released by the Australian Government, it recognizes the importance of engaging through innovative transnational or cross-border education.
  • The Australian Government provides $200 million each year for international scholarships.

Globally recognized institutions

  • There are 42 universities in Australia, of which 39 are public and 3 are private, making the education system highly regulated for quality.
  • These universities offer courses across subjects and academic fields. 22000 courses, 1100 institutions.
  • 8 of the universities are ranked among the world’s top hundred.
  • Australia has at least one university in the top 50 worldwide across the study areas of Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Life & Agricultural Sciences, Clinical Medicine & Pharmacy, and Physics.
  • Research shows that Australian educated students have a higher employability

Study-work opportunity

  • Australia is one of the few countries that have favorable study-work rights. The country allows 40 hours per fortnight of part time work options for students.
  • It offers post-study work rights, which allows fresh graduates to work in the country for a year.
  • Statistics show that the International education sector supports 130,700 jobs annually.

At the forefront of technology, research and innovation

  • One of the most appealing aspects of the country for international students is the quality of scientific research. Australia is at the forefront of new technology and innovations, allowing students to take advantage of technology and research resources.
  • The education system focuses on team work, analytical thinking and problem solving.
  • Studies show that $ 5 billion is dedicated to research and development in the country.
  • Just in case you didn’t know, Wi-Fi, Google maps, ultrasound scanner, the electronic pacemaker and permaculture, are all Australian inventions!

A great country to live in

  • Students from more than 180 countries study in Australia.
  • The country provides a safe environment for international students and a high quality of life in a multicultural environment.
  • The country has a fascinating culture of engaging in activities such as sports, wildlife and other special interests.
  • Research says that 5 out of the 30 best student cities of the world are in Australia.
  • Moreover, the country recognizes its strengths and potential in education and constantly works towards a sustainable education portfolio by understanding and aligning their approach to student needs and expectations. This makes it a welcome and fruitful experience for international students.

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